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i know...

i'm up rather late, waiting for a phone call. there's a person i talk to every day, several times. i base my day around this, because it's what matters to me. even if there is not much new to say, i love to hear her voice and seemingly she loves to hear mine. today we talked three times, and i'm waiting for the fourth. i once wrote a lyric that stated "need and want are not interchangeable terms" ...i'm finding out now that in some cases they are. the things i want are the things i need, and the things i need are the things i want. those things are a person... one person, who i love very much. if i had to, i could throw everything else out the window in the blink of an eye. it may sound scary, but it's a really amazing place to be. if you're reading this... i want to thank you.
Tags: beth, jamie, rowitsch
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