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a time of sadness

a huge musical influence of mine, Mark Mulcahy, just had his wife pass away this weekend. they have two children together, and my heart goes out to the entire family during this difficult time and onward. Mark is a singer/songwriter who has been active since the late 80's as both a solo performer and as a member of the seminal indie pop bands Miracle Legion and Polaris (who performed nearly all the music for "the adventures of pete and pete"). his music has brought joy into so many hearts, that i felt compelled to write him a letter expressing my sympathy and giving the family my best wishes. through song, he has helped people deal with a lot of hardship in their lives, and i just wanted to give something back in this time where it is needed most. when you lose somebody in your life, every little bit of love helps.

here is Mark's myspace if anyone is inclined to send along wishes:
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